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Most any book on finances will tell you that there are two ways to increase your money on hand. You can cut your expenses or you can add to your income. One of the ways you can add to your income is by blogging (or so I was told). I decided that I would see if I could actually make money doing something I love – telling stories. So, here I am.

I’m not exactly sure where that is but I am here. I went to my search engine (the one at the top of the home page that appears when I turn on my computer) and typed in “blogs”. Lots of sites popped up – including a site that lists the top five blogging sites. I opened some of them up to see what they looked like and chose door #4.

Taking a deep breath, I started to put together a blog site. I had so much fun! I could add pictures and used different fonts – all those things that make a page visually appealing. I got on the chat icon and asked them how I could set it up so that people could respond to my blogs. (The fun part is when you can chat with others!) I was told that this option would appear when I first published my blog. I published my blog and a couple of things happened.

I started getting phone calls from India, California, New York, Louisiana, etc. I actually answered the first call, thinking that they were wanting to award me the William Allen White award for blogging. They weren’t. They wanted to let me know about a fabulous opportunity they could provide me to turn my new site into a professionally designed work of art. I discovered how to block calls on my phone!

I received emails from every Tom, Dick, and Harry with the same propositions and I deleted those as quickly as they popped up. Then there are the texted messages! I’m deleting them as well but, in my mind, I can see these texts acting like rats in my phone eating up my gigabytes! My phone and I are bonding over this new adventure.

To top it off, there still wasn’t any way for people to comment on my posts. When I used the chat button again, I was told that this was not an option and they didn’t have any notice that this option would be provided in the future. I did what any red-blooded girl would do. I flounced and turned my back on them.

However, leaving one blog site meant that I needed to start up another. This time I talked to a friend of mine who knows technology. I watched her search many sites, reading them closely and explaining what CSS meant and for me to leave it alone. She was poetry in motion! Taking notes in hand, I tried again.

This site isn’t as easy to maneuver but I trust it more. The Queen Mary isn’t easy to maneuver either but it’s a lot more stable than a kayak. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and launching out into the wild blue yonder again. (If you’d like to keep your fingers crossed also, I’d appreciate it!)

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I have lots of stories that need to be told and this is a good place to tell them!! I hope you enjoy my tales!

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  1. Looking forward to following your blog. I’ve been thinking about doing something similar but haven’t had any time to research. Good luck!

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