Gravity and genetics are trying to take over my body! For forty-six years, I have fought a valiant effort (kind of) to keep the toned, perky body I had in college. I think that, overall, it’s a losing battle. Gravity and genetics have enlisted the assistance of Hershey’s kisses (milk chocolate to be specific) and Frosted Sugar Cookies. On my side is a couch cushion that is becoming increasingly form fitting! It really isn’t a fair fight!

Periodically, I pass by a mirror and stand in shock at the sight that meets my eyes. In my mind, I look just like Sally Fields in her Gidget TV series – maybe a little taller. Unfortunately, I see Marjorie Main in her Ma Kettle days! How did this happen?

There isn’t a lot I can do about the genetics but maybe I can fight against the gravity. I got a book (my first line of defense) – “You, The Owner’s Manual” written by Michael F. Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D. , copywrite 2005, published by HarperCollins. It states on the cover that it’s “An Insider’s Guide to the Body That Will Make You Healthier and Younger.” I will say that I learned a lot from the book and really enjoyed reading it. Pretty much, it takes systems of the body and looks at what they do and how they can be maintained. I particularly took notice of Chapter 4, Motion Control: Your Bones, Joints, and Muscles. It suggests that there are exercises other than the treadmill that can help in protecting and maintaining the bones, joints, and muscles.

I made a list of the suggested exercises that I thought I could do and bought a special mat to do them on. I also dusted off my Gazelle (Tony Little’s Gazelle Edge that looks and feels like cross-country skiing in the comfort of your own home!) I figured that I could take forty-five minutes each day doing my routine and, within a month, I’d be able to tie my shoes without having to sit on my bed to bring my feet within reach of my hands. I might even be able to walk down the stairs to do my laundry without huffing and puffing!

This lasted three days. I was able to get my head off the floor while doing sit-ups but my squats and lunges were just pathetic. I finally threw in the towel when I looked up and saw my three cats sitting on the bed laughing at me.

The Gazelle lasted a little longer. In fact, I’m still getting on my Gazelle and “walking” for twenty minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I discovered that I could find a good half hour sermon podcast and walk for the twenty minutes and just stand around and watch the last ten minutes. In addition to toning the body, by the time the sermon is over, I’m less likely to kill the stupid people who try to cut in line at the grocery store. I’ve also found a good balance! I can safely eat four Frosted Sugar Cookies and ten Hershey’s Kisses a day and still loose ounces. My weight loss is starting at the top of my head and working its way down. I’ve now lost ten ounces (mostly from my ear lobes)!

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