Bungee Jumping of the Soul

This morning was my favorite kind of morning. I did my usual routine and, since it’s Wednesday, I found a sermon on my computer and got on my Gazelle for my 20 minutes of exercising. There was a soft rain outside and I could hear it on my roof. A nice cozy way to start the day.

I don’t know when “bungee jumping of the soul” first entered my vocabulary. I’ve used it for a long time. The older I get the more I like the feel of the ground under my feet. I can get on a step stool but if I have to get out the ladder to change a light bulb or paint a room it’s another story. I end up, the entire time I’m on the ladder, reminding God of how much I hate heights. While I have done some fairly strange things in my life, I’m not fond of physical activity. My idea of mountain climbing is to meander up a slope that is less than 45 degrees with perhaps an artful scattering of boulders on which I can sit and look poetic!

I have, however, taken some risks in my life and that is my bungee jumping of the soul. Starting this blog is one of those times. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve called my best friend, asking her to talk me out of a panic attack. I’m not sure why but, every once in a while, I hear these voices suggesting that I’ve already told all my funny stories and who cares about my life anyway! I know that these are comments I’ve heard from others of no consequence – but sometimes they sneak into my head anyway.

My mom’s mom had the best response to those kinds of comments, and I think of her often. Whenever I would tell her about what someone had said, she would look at me with this special look that only Grandma had and she’d say, “Consider the source! These people are just trash!” The way she said it made you conjure up a picture in the mind of the person with potato peelings dripping off the ears and maybe some rotten cabbage or cold spaghetti stuck on the nose. So this morning, I turned to face the voices in my head and I said, “You’re just trash!” I pictured a potato head face with the rotten cabbage and maybe some wilted lettuce over a couple of its eyes.

The thing about bungee jumping of the soul is that it isn’t just for the big stuff we’re doing. I decided to try another sermon this morning. Sometimes, if we don’t try something new, we’ll never learn anything new. I went to the list of possible sermons I could listen to and decided to start at the top of the list. It was a good sermon. I’m not exactly sure where it came from and who gave it. It was about blocked calls and how sometimes, we need to block calls from some people who spread negativity or who don’t really understand what we’re doing.

I heard about a study that was done where it was determined that, for a person to hear something good about themselves, they must first hear bad things. For example, if a child grows up hearing a lot of bad things (“That’s not the way to do things!”, “You have two left feet!”, “Can’t you learn anything?”) before they hear anything good (“Thanks!” “You have been a real help with this!”), the child will expect the same when they grow up. The adult won’t hear the compliments until he (or she) hears so many insults or they will discount the compliments. I’m trying to train myself to tune out, or block, the stupid stuff (the trash) and unblock the important stuff.

Bungee jumping of the soul is not for the faint of heart! It takes courage to change the small stuff as well as the big stuff. So here’s to those of us who are facing our “stupid” voices and charging ahead with what feeds our souls!!! I’ll see if I can find a cheerleading outfit complete with pom poms and, if you let me know where and when you’ll be in the parade, I’ll be there cheering you on. Just don’t expect any fancy jumps!

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