*Beware! There may be some sarcasm in the following! Don’t take it too seriously!

I was talking with my friend the other day about the negative effects that cartoons have had on our lives! I know that many people believe that the violence in our society comes from children watching people get blown up or beaten to a bloody pulp on cartoons. After Wile E. Coyote is thrown off a cliff or smashed with an anvil, he pops up with a crutch and maybe a black eye. The implication is that people don’t really die after these disastrous events.

I have a feeling, however, that children understand death more than we realize. There is usually some unwary animal in the road who has been run over and is undeniably dead. Also, if we are around any kind of wildlife, we’ll see cats capturing birds, rabbits, mice. Hunters coming in with dead birds or other dead animals. Farm kids grow up with beef cattle or hogs or chickens. I’m talking about something much more harmful to the psyche!

I’m talking about the devastating effects of watching the dancing teapots, spoons, snowmen, crabs, fish, etc. that are depicted on cartoons – or even the ads for popular foods! Take M&Ms for example. They are so cute when they talk to Santa Claus or others.

My problem is that, now that I have it in my head that inanimate objects can become animated, how can I go on my merry way without considering the results of my actions! It’s bad enough that I feel sorry for the remaining cereal in the cereal box that doesn’t get eaten. I’ve learned to turn my back on the poor Cheerios that are left behind. But what am I to do with the remaining spoonful of chicken casserole that I didn’t really like to begin with? I choked down all but this one last spoonful and I just can’t take any more! I could use it for mulch or just toss it into the trash (where it could enter the great mulch pile in the sky!) Every once in a while, I have to go through my refrigerator and clean out all these orphans of food.

The problem has expanded beyond food, however. Now that I’m home for a lot of the day, I’m washing dishes more consistently. My counter tops are glad to be cleared off, but I have a lot of glasses and cups that are not getting to see the light of day because I end up using the same glasses, cups, plates, and silverware! I have visions of my cupboards at night with the glasses, bowls, and plates having riotous parties! Either they are rejoicing that they have been spared another day of being used or they are drowning their sorrows that no one has picked them up in some time! There is nothing sadder than a drunken plate wallowing in shelf liner!

A long time ago, I was given a philodendron. A nice little plant that I watered and fertilized and enjoyed. I enjoyed it so much that it kept growing until it outgrew its pot! I had a choice. I needed to cut back the strands of leaves but, what do I do with the cuttings? I hated to toss these brave new leaves, so I put them in water until they sprouted their own roots and I potted them. I now have 16 large plants scattered throughout my house. Granted, they are not all philodendrons, but the same principle applies to all of them. I ended up hardening my heart and I now toss out the trimmings when I clean out the plants. It was not an easy decision to make!

I have to follow this same policy when it comes to food. I must stand firm and reject that Frosted Sugar Cookie that is begging to enter my mouth! I’m starting to tell my food supply about that great mulch pile in the sky where happy little food crumbs go. This mulch pile is filled with delight for all the wilted sprigs of broccoli or cauliflower that don’t get eaten. I’m hoping that more of the food in my refrigerator or pantry will request this end to their lives as opposed to following the mass exodus down my gullet! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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