When my divorce was finalized and everyone knew where they would be living, I went to the Humane Society and got a kitten – a long-haired, tortoise-shell kitten with green eyes. She was so cute. I named her Kathryn, after my mom. I’m not sure how thrilled Mom was to have a cat named for her, but she was gracious about the whole thing and we enjoyed Kat.

A couple of years after I got Kat, I heard a loud cry coming from my backyard and, when I went to look, there was a little kitten sitting on my fence yowling fit to beat the band. She was a white short-hair with gray splotches, a pink nose, and blue eyes. I asked around and, when I didn’t find anyone to claim it, she joined Kat and became Lucy.

Kat and Lucy traveled with me to Tahlequah, Oklahoma when I ran away from home at 39 (an awkward age to run away from home). They moved again with me to Tulsa a year later to look for a job. The best that I could do was to work for three temp agencies in Tulsa, so I came back to Great Bend – with a third cat by the name of Tom, a yellow tiger-striped short-hair male who loved to lay around the house looking handsome.

After several years, the cat population of my home started to dwindle. Tom decided to go traveling during a snow storm and never came back. Lucy came down with a virus and died so it was just Kat and me.

I felt so sorry for Kat – all by herself. She was getting older and I had a real job by this time and was gone during the day. I worried that she would be lonely, so I asked at work to see if anyone had an extra cat that needed a home. I worked with a lady who lived in the country and she had a cat who needed a home, so I went out to see it. It was a black and white tiger-striped short-hair male, and I thought that could work out. He’d be handy around the house. That’s when McPherson joined our family.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t been aware of how many female cats there were in the neighborhood and, even though Mac had been neutered, he still felt compelled to entertain all these women. He had a pretty busy social life and didn’t have time for Kat.

Back I went to the Humane Society. They had another little long-haired tortoise-shell kitten with stitches in her lip where she had been bitten by a dog, but she was so sweet and loving. That’s how we got Lizzie. I took her to the vets to get the stitches out of her lip where the dog had bitten her, and she fit in really well with Kat and Mac.

Actually, the three cats were pretty funny. Mac and Lizzie acted like an old married couple, and Kat became Lizzie’s mother-in-law! Mac would go trotting out of the house in the morning to make the rounds of the neighborhood and Lizzie would be stuck at home to take care of Kat. Poor Lizzie put up with a lot in those days. We three women of the house would gather in the evening and sympathize with each other.

Eventually, Kat died and Mac, Lizzie, and I moved to another house. Well, Lizzie and I moved to another house. Mac had found that our next door neighbor had a good-looking female cat who promised him the sun, moon, and stars. Lizzie and I tried to tell Mac that she wouldn’t be any good for him, but he didn’t listen to us. He stayed with his new girlfriend and Lizzie and I headed on down the road.

We have now added a couple more cats to our family and Lizzie is now the “old lady” of the house. I’m afraid that she has always had to wait until last to be fed but she has claimed the softest cushion on the couch and the sunniest perch on the table by the window. She and I still gather in the evenings. Now, however, we gather on the couch and tell each other how beautiful we are!

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