I just love people! Well, let me clarify that a bit. Some individual people are jerks but people, in general, fascinate me. There is so much generosity of spirit in most people. I have had so much fun the last couple of days, playing with people who love what they do.

It was brought to my attention that I needed to have my picture on my blog to help personalize it. Having my picture taken is fairly traumatizing for me! I suddenly look in the mirror and see all the weight that has gravitated to my middle. I may have good looking ear lobes, but pictures usually noses and eyebrows! And then there is the decision as to what clothes should be worn, what jewelry should be used to accessorize, and my hair! If I tell you that my usual attire is carpenter jeans topped by tee shirts that the cats have used to sharpen their claws, covered by extra-large hooded sweatshirts, you may get a visual of the overhaul that needed to be done to make me presentable for a picture!

I have really thick hair that tends to grow in my eyes. It is not the kind of hair that stands up and says, “hello!”. It’s the kind of hair that lays down and pushes the snooze button! I decided that, for the good of the blog, I would go all out and made an appointment with Angie at Renue Salon & Spa. Doesn’t that sound fun! I decided to have an experience.

Then I took a deep breath and called Portraits by Shane to get my picture taken. I have known the Boultinghouses for some time. The only time I went to get my pictures taken before this, I went to him and he was so kind and funny. I ended up looking like a person with some sense when he was done. That was what I needed to round out my experience.

Yesterday afternoon I embarked upon my experience. I tend to talk (well, really, I babble) when I’m nervous and that’s exactly what I did. I walked right into this elegant oasis in the middle of downtown Great Bend and babbled. Angie meandered me back to her work station and, by the time we got there, I had calmed down enough to admit that a person could be forgiven for thinking I had just hatched out of some odd egg.

Angie showed me the different hair products that she uses and demonstrated how they could be used, making the whole process fun. The only hair product that I felt comfortable using myself is hair spray and I haven’t used that in years. She clipped and snipped and shaped and gabbed. It was such a wonderfully female type of experience. She got me all decked out for my picture. All I had to do was change my shirt, put some color on my face, put on some earrings and head back for my pictures.

The neat thing is that Portraits by Shane is right next door to Renue. As I walked in, Shane and his wife and partner, Jill, were there to gab. We moseyed back to the studio and Shane asked about the type of pose I was looking for. I told him it was for a blog and maybe a book later on. I had no idea what I was looking for. Shane has done portraits for other authors and Jill showed me one that he had done for a book. That author looked nice but smart at the same time. I thought that’s what I wanted.

Shane sat me down in front of one of the backdrops and we just gabbed while he worked. It calmed me right back down again. Gabbing isn’t the same as talking. Gabbing is more of a personal dialogue between two people just saying what’s on their minds. I start listening to the other person and I’m not nervous any more. I turned right and left and tilted my head this way and that. I raised my chin and my eyebrows and laughed. Slip, slop, gobble and the shoot was done! He had taken lots of good pictures that he could send for my approval.

I walked out to my car and decided that if this is what it took to be a professional, I could learn to really like it!!

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