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A few years ago, I bought a house through Kenny Alefs with Coldwell Banker.  He sold my dad’s house for me and helped me find a rental to move into and even recommended me for a job!  When I decided it was time to settle down and buy a house, I called Kenny.  He found the perfect house for me!  It’s on a corner lot, which I love because there is plenty of room.

Unfortunately, there is plenty of room with grass that needs to be mowed occasionally.  I had hired a fellow to mow my grass when I was living in my dad’s house, so I called him up and he agreed to mow at my new house.  This worked well, until his boss decided to send him out of state to work for a time.

I pondered on options and decided that I could mow my own yard.  I used to do it when I was younger.  It shouldn’t be too hard to get back into the way of doing this.

I bought a mower from Walmart and brought it home to set it up.  I read the directions carefully and got the handle attached to the motor.  I got the oil it recommended and started to put the oil in the motor.  Unfortunately, I had a problem reading the dip stick so ended up putting in a whole quart.  I figured that it was better to have too much oil than not enough.

I positioned the mower at the edge of the yard and pulled the cord.  The motor started right up.  It was a little smoky, but I figured that would clear out soon.  As I started mowing down the edge of the yard, I noticed that there was a lot of dust being stirred up.  I turned off the mower and went back to the directions.  I read that the mower had different heights!  Apparently, instead of mowing the yard, I was shaving it!  I raised the mower to get rid of the dust but wasn’t sure about the oil so just kept plugging away.  I discovered later that it is possible to drain off some of the oil!

The next time I got ready to mow, I added gas and made sure that the lawn mower was high enough to just cut the top of the grass and started out.  I was doing pretty good until the third sweep when the mower just stopped!  It didn’t growl or jump – it just stopped.  The cord wouldn’t pull or anything! 

I was standing in my front yard scratching my head trying to figure out what to do next when I heard a shout and saw my next door neighbor driving his riding lawn mower on the street across my front yard, and turning to drive down the side – on his way to reach the street access to his back yard!  I didn’t think about the irony – I just waved as he drove past!

I knocked on the motor casing (in case the small man inside it had fallen asleep and needed to wake up to finish mowing the yard).  It didn’t work.  It turns out that there are no humans involved inside motors!

While I was busy looking at my motor, another neighbor drove his riding lawn mower in the opposite direction.  It was at this point that I felt like the guy who had been beaten up in the story of the Good Samaritan!  After he had been beaten up and was lying in defeat, there were two people who walked right by him and didn’t offer to help!  A small difference between the Good Samaritan and myself is that he was beaten by people while I was beaten by a lawn mower!  Another major difference, however, was that a good guy eventually walked by the parable victim and helped him out. 

I rolled my lawn mower into the garage by myself and left the yard half-mowed!  I went to church the next Sunday and asked the fellow sitting in front of me about my lawn mower.  He said that he thought it sounded like I had run out of oil!  He offered to take it to a lawn mower fixer to see if it could be salvaged.  The fix turned out to cost more than the original lawn mower, so I decided to let the fixer keep it.

I bought another lawn-mower and asked my Good Samaritan to help me get it started in a good way.  The first thing I noticed was that he didn’t put the whole quart of oil in!  It works much better!

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