I discovered Jazz when I was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma several years ago.  I fell in love with Cool Jazz.  There’s something about those rhythms that I love!    The Hot Jazz is too fast, but the Cool Jazz is laid back and relaxing to me.

Kenny G, Dave Koz, David Sanborn, Miles Davis, David Benoit, Peter White, Chris Botti, Brian Culbertson and others!  They have such expressive music!  I ended up getting Sirius Radio because I need to have music on all the time, and I found a wonderful station – Watercolors – that played my kind of music.  I’d get up in the morning, turn on the radio, turn on the lights, and let the cats out.  At night, I go through the house, making sure the cats are in, turning off the lights, and turning off the radio before heading to bed.

A year ago, however, I got a book on Feng Shui from the library.  Its basic premise is that, you can spend 10 minutes a day working on your house and you can clear it out so that the chi can flow easily into your life.  The part that caught my eye was the bit about the prosperity chi.  If you clean off the front of your house and into the doorway, the prosperity chi will be able to enter in and you will prosper. 

That book started a year long adventure!  The idea is that, if you de-clutter your house, you’ll de-clutter your life and there will be room (in both your life and your house) for new, exciting things.

I cut back shrubs by my front steps, mowed weekly and swept up the grass clippings.  I moved the yard shoes off the front porch and set up a bench so that I can sit out of a morning and survey my domain.  I moved the yard edger back to the garage and dumped the small yard tools into a large planter tucked back into a corner of the entryway.

I rearranged furniture and pictures.  I cleaned my bathroom and actually made my bed!  This was serious stuff!!

It came to me that Feng Shui is asking that I pay attention to my life.  That I deliberately choose what I allow into my life and what I refuse into my life.  That was a major shift for me.  Generally, I don’t pay any attention to that stuff.  I’m usually so reactive that I take whatever comes and just deal with it.

Now that I was paying attention, however, I started looking at the pictures in my house and the music I was listening to.  I am basically a cave dweller who enjoys people every once in a while, and I discovered that my pictures are mostly landscapes – with no people in them!  I have a few pictures of people but not very many.  I ended up rearranging my pictures so that the people are scattered throughout the house.

I also started listening to the music that was playing in my house.  I remember going on a trip with my family somewhere.  Mom always had the radio playing in the car and there was a sad love song playing.  I asked the folks why love songs always seemed so sad.  Dad looked at Mom with a twinkle in his eye and said, “Because love is sssaaaddd!”

As I listened to my jazz station, I noticed that most of the songs with words were sad!  People were always leaving each other, or one partner was always more in love than the other.  Someone is trying to get someone else to pay attention to them.  The stories are generally sad.

I ended up switching to a Christian radio station.  Those stories have happy endings.  Occasionally, however, they will have a live program on the Christian radio station.  For background music, I’d just as soon listen to music – not interviews.  When those come on, I’ll switch back to my Jazz station.  There are a lot of instrumentals and I still love those easy rhythms!  I try not to listen to the sad stories!

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