The Monster Across the Street

You never know where the monsters may be lurking!  Constant vigilance is needed to guard against any sudden attacks.  My middle cat, Jessie, has been our self-appointed guardian in this area.  Ever since she came to live with us, she has scouted the perimeter of our yard every morning and a couple of times during the day.  It is our good luck that the monsters all move to Florida during the winter so Jessie can relax a bit more during the cold but, come spring, she’s back in action.

The first thing she does, when we move is to check out the neighborhood and beat the monsters into submission.  Once they know who’s boss, there usually isn’t any problem.  This spring, however, we came across a change in the pattern. 

A new monster has moved into our neighborhood!  This monster is different, and Jessie isn’t sure how to handle this one.

We had a lot of rain earlier this spring and it raised the water table in this area.  We’re not known for having a lot of water in this part of Kansas and, when buildings are built, there is a safe margin between the water table and the floors of the basements; however, when it rained and rained and rained every day for several days, the water table came up and there were several basements with water in them. 

There are people around town with artesian fountains flowing in their basements because the water pressure is so high in the ground.  Some people have dug wells with pumps next to their basements in order to pump the water out.  Hoses or pipes are attached to the pumps and the water flows through to the streets.

A thought was proposed to gather all the water from these hoses and pipes and ship it to Arizona or New Mexico where it could be used.  Nothing came of that idea, however.

There is a doctor’s office across the street from my house and they put in one of those pumps with a pipe to allow the water to flow in the street gutter.  Their basement is deeper than mine and they have an elevator whose shaft goes even deeper, so, while my basement is just muggy, theirs has a lot of water in it. 

The water from that pipe has created a sideways fountain that is pointed at my house and is creating a shallow lake that extends across the lane of traffic on that side of the street.  There are some cars that enjoy driving through that lake and letting the water splash up high in the air.

The water has been running out of the pipe for a couple of weeks now and my middle cat, Jessie, has taken a deep aversion to it.  She sat on my front porch, watching as the well was dug and capped.  We watched when the pump and attached pipe was added and, when the water first gushed out of the pipe, Jessie became very concerned!  She’s not too sure that there isn’t a water monster in that pipe who may reach out and drag her down into the well.

For over a week now, she has come to the front door when I get my paper in the morning.  The other two cats will go outside to check the perimeters of the house for any naughty animals who may be lurking around; but Jessie, who has been the most adventurous of the three cats, peers around the open door checking on the pipe across the street.  Some days she didn’t even go to the door!  Once she heard the flowing water through the open door, she’d back away and check out the food bowls.  It has bothered me that someone who used to own the yard is now afraid to go out!

Yesterday, however, a fragile peace was established!  When I went to get my paper in the morning, the other cats went outside as usual and so did Jessie!  I had a meeting so the cats couldn’t stay outside very long before coming back in; but this morning, Jessie went out the front door for a second time. 

Apparently, she’s now in negotiations with the water monster to define boundaries.  There has been talk of a wall!

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