Toilet Paper and Underwear!

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Isn’t that a cute title?  It came to me as I was trying to squeeze myself on the toilet between the oversized toilet paper roll and the sink.  Normally I don’t have any problem with this, but I had just unwrapped the large economy sized roll of toilet paper and it stuck out over the edge of the toilet!

It came to me that we buy a lot of “large economy sized” items just because they aren’t fun to buy.  Underwear is one of these.  I’m not talking about the pretty lacy under things that we buy when we want to make a statement or just have fun.  I’m talking about the industrial strength underwear we put on when it’s time to scrub the floor or change the oil in the car.  The kind that you can toss in the washing machine and not worry about it because it already is stretched out and has a few extra holes in it anyway.

When I got married, I discovered that my new husband had 30 pairs of underwear.  It was enough to last him until he could get home so that his mom could do the wash.  (That should have been an early warning sign for me, but I ignored it.)  One Christmas, when family members asked him what he wanted for Christmas, his standard response was, “All I need is underwear.”  He shouldn’t have been surprised when his wish was granted.  I thought it was funny when he kept opening presents to find more underwear.  He didn’t laugh as much as I did (which was another red flag that I ignored).

I noticed that I’m starting to stockpile socks.  I like those big men’s wool socks.  The kind you can wiggle your toes in.  I discovered that you don’t have to wash wool socks as much as you do the cotton ones and I’d stocked extra so that I would have plenty to wear in between wash days.  They now take up half my drawer. 

Washcloths are another item that you can buy in bulk.  The problem there is that, when you buy a couple of bulk purchases of washcloths, you have plenty to last until the world ends; however, before the world ends, a family member dies and, in cleaning out the house, you find more washcloths – the nice, super absorbent kind that also last.  My washcloth supplies could last me for three lifetimes now.

Then we get to the pantry.  Dry cereal can be used to top casseroles, so I keep the Sugar-Frosted Flakes on hand, in case I feel a burning need for a casserole.  I do enjoy them, but casseroles are only made on occasion.  I’m glad that the dry cereal doesn’t have an expiration date, but just in case, they stay in my refrigerator – along with the five-pound bag of flour that is seldom used.

When I was growing up, we used to have “Dad’s drawer” that held all the miscellaneous stuff that we didn’t know where else to put it.  If you needed fishing line or a pocketknife or a shoehorn, you went to Dad’s drawer.  I have one of those but it’s a whole room and it’s called “My Office”.  I was cleaning out my office the other day and found three bottles of glue – wood glue, tacky glue, and super glue.  The problem is that I don’t usually glue anything together anymore.  I have drawers full of nails and screws that might be used during a blue moon, but I wouldn’t bet a lot of money on that.

Office supplies (paperclips, tape, rulers, sticky notes, pens, and pencils) – a person could build shelves around the walls to hold all this stuff!  That’s the problem with buying in bulk!  Where do you store it?  I understand that garages were created to hold “stuff”.  If you can also get your car in, that’s a bonus!

I guess the trick is to discover how much space you have for storage and how big a roll of toilet paper you can use and still have room to sit on the pot!

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