I have three cats and Jessie is my middle cat. She has very high standards that she feels must be maintained at all times and, because I don’t always meet her standards, she sometimes has an angry look in her eye. She hopes that I’ll eventually learn enough to meet those standards, so she tries to be patient with me.

I have discovered that life is a never-ending story. They made a movie by that title. It was great! It was about a school-boy who discovers a book that transports him into a fantasy world where he becomes part of the story. I think that our lives are like that. In our minds, we paint a picture of the world we see around us. It may or may not have any basis in reality – but this is what we see. Our reactions to this world can make it a reality.

It’s by reflecting on our lives and the stories we’ve told ourselves that we can see inconsistencies and wrong assumptions. For years, I thought a family member made his wealth by selling cars. Only recently did I find out that he was good at playing poker!!

I have a friend who says that life is divided into trimesters – and that we are in the third trimester! That seems odd to me because I don’t really feel that old! In looking back at all the stories of my life, I must be older than I feel because there are a lot of stories! Some of them have a sequence and some of them don’t. I think that I’ve forgotten even more stories because someone will come up and start by saying, “I remember when you …” and I have totally forgotten about it! Sometimes I’ll remember it and sometimes I won’t.

Stories are a type of glue that holds us all together. We all have stories of when we were scared or ashamed or gloriously happy. Some of us have polished ourselves to the point of forgetting those intense emotions but they have been there in all of us. We need to tell our stories for lots of reasons; but I think the most important reason is so that others can learn how to cope when they are faced with the same story, different verse.

If you remember a good story, please tell me about it! If I leave any legacy at all, I want it to be in the stories!

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