Mom and the Little House

I don’t remember a lot about our life in Pratt, Kansas, or in Memphis, Tennessee – just little scenes of our lives.  Most of my memories start with my second-grade class in Morrison School.  My life in Great Bend is remembered in two parts.  The first part was grade school, when we rented a small, [...]

Portadown – Ireland #7

I had originally made reservations at a bed and breakfast in Newtownards which looked like beautiful country but was on the opposite side of Belfast.  There was no way this side of death that I would drive through Belfast again!  My second night in Bushmills, I checked out another bed and breakfast where I wouldn’t [...]

Bushmills – Ireland #6

Bushmills turned out to be my favorite stopping place for an odd little reason.  I took a road going north out of Enniskillen to Bushmills where I was staying at Craig Cottage, but I wasn’t sure where it was located.  I drove straight through Bushmills and found a wonderful Park and Ride on the north [...]